Mrs. Veena Sunitha Dcunha – 49years old


Mrs. Veena Sunitha Dcunha – 49years old , gorgeous client from mangalore/uae Approached me with the concern of Fatigue. She had gained a lot of weight over the year when she lived in uae and had difficulty in reducing after.

SHE was motivated by SHILPISFITNESS . Hence joined the program on the 1st of Feb 2021.

She was determined with her routine and reduced good 8kgs in a 90days.

She was successful in overcoming her body ache and knee pain NATURALLY.

Here is her 90 days Transformation and now toning wonderfully.

Am so glad that my clients are seeing results every day .

Keep up the wonderful work and remember FITNESS IS LIFESTYLE 👍🏻

Client: Mrs. Veena Sunitha Dcunha
Year: 49
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